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STMS WLLNSS 250mg or 500mg CBD Gummy SOUR BITES

STMS WLLNSS 250mg or 500mg CBD Gummy SOUR BITES

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Deliciously potent sour bite gummy, SC Labs-tested gummies made from scratch for our wonderful patients and dedicated to producing only the highest quality edibles with diverse dosages for beginners and connoisseurs alike!  

These amazing sour bites gummy are perfect for medicating discreetly any time of the day, with an ideal standardized dose of 25mg CBD per piece and 250mg CBD per bag, and 50mg per piece and 500mg per bag.  

Sour Bites captures the warm essence of summer perfectly in every bite!


Calm, Relaxed

May Relieve

Stress, Anxiety, Improve Sleep


Sour, Natural Flavor from fruit extracts

CBD - 25mg/piece
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