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Fumé 5Pk Premium Indoor Flower Preroll DANK FRUIT

Fumé 5Pk Premium Indoor Flower Preroll DANK FRUIT

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INDOOR PREMIUM FLOWER PREROLL. Made with premium indoor flowers only no shake or time. 


The earthy, diesel, piney scent wafting from this multi-green colored strain is just the first experience of this incredibly tasty and deliciously smooth smoke. Da Fruit produced an initial strong head high with a creeper-like onset for a very relaxed body high. 

LINEAGE: Purple Papaya Punch x Blue Dream

5 - 0.7g per Pre-rolled/ 3.5g Pre Package

What’s in the Box
100% Organic Hemp Wick (2ft)
The ultimate lighting experience
No butane or sulfur fumes
Provides optimal flame control over your bowl. Burns consistent and won’t go out until you put it out 100% natural hemp twine coated in beeswax (we love bees)
Made in the USA

FEELING: Focused, Happy, Relaxed

FLAVOR: Fruit, Diesel, Earthy

AROMA: Hops, Orange, Pine

THC: 26.98%

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