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Micro Dose Gummies PLUM (Indica) 100mg

Micro Dose Gummies PLUM (Indica) 100mg

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Edible Info

Our most popular product is the 100mg Indica Gummy. Our delicious Plum flavor is perfectly paired with our full-spectrum, earthy oil. It gives you a great tasting experience and a rich high that really stands out from other edibles.

100mg THC Plum flavor (10 x 10mg dosages) Full-spectrum oil w/ cannabinoids + flavonoids +lipids. Low in calories, low sugar, organic colors & flavors. Non-GMO. No peanuts.


Relaxed, Euphoric, Sleepy, Focused

May Relieve

Anxiety and Depression


Succulent Plum

THC - 10mg/piece

CBD - 0.1mg
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