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Buddies Brand Distillate + CDT All-In-One Vape PURPLE GUAVA

Buddies Brand Distillate + CDT All-In-One Vape PURPLE GUAVA

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Our award-winning Buddies™ Distillate + Cannabis Derived Terpenes (CDT) inside a 500mg tank, battery included. These Blinc™ all-in-one vape pens are rechargeable, for added peace of mind. Made with stainless steel, quartz glass tank, and powered by an XPro-V ceramic coil. The battery is rechargeable via a built-in micro USB port at the base. Battery Capacity: 330mAh Rechargeable via Micro USB 500mg Ceramic Heating Element Built-In LED Indicator Light Inhale Activated 0.4 diameter x 4.1 in.

Distillate + CDT

Strain-specific terpenes are extracted in-house and folded into highly clarified, potency-packed cannabis oil distillate. Buddies™ Brand patent-pending process allows us to reintroduce 100% cannabis-derived terpenes (CDT) so that your vape tastes and represents the same profiles as the flower it came from.

Purple Guava - HYBRID

Total Cannabinoids - 95.47%

THC - 87.46%

CBD - 00.00%

TERPENE - 5.48%


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